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Engage Your Customer
with Purpose

At NetApp, you don’t just administer benefits - you change people’s lives.

Engage the full committee of buyers who are committed to changing their employees lives - through NetApp. Select a date/time and book. Everything is pre-paid through NetApp’s Teamraderie program.

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NetApp Experiences:
What If We All Wore Speedos at Work?
45 min
How To Pay Attention, Master Yourself and Win
45 min
Great Wine and Great Cheese for Great Teams
60 min
An Ode to ‘Curiosity’ in Business
45 min
Cultivate Team Connection...With Comedy
45 min
Great Cheeses and Great Teams Have Lots in Common
55 min
Organic Connection Through Organic Beer
45 min
Perfecting the "Inclusionary Mindset" on Your Team
30 min
What If We Stop Telling Others What to Do?
45 min
Balancing Comfort & Adventure - At Work and In Food
45 min