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Build Psychological Safety

Teams thrive when they feel safe to express their thoughts and ideas, and are more innovative, creative, and higher-performing.

What is psychological safety?

“Uncertainty” is the word that characterizes the current environment. And yet, teams require a sense of belonging, security, and safety to do their best work.

Psychological safety is the belief that you can speak up freely without fear or risk of punishment and humiliation. This is a critical factor in healthy team dynamics that results in better decision-making, greater innovation, and more effective execution in organizations.

The Four Stages of Psychological Safety

To develop and build trust, we must understand the components of trust – authenticity, empathy, and logic.

If you sense that I am being authentic, you are much more likely to trust me. If you sense that I have real rigor in my logic, you are far more likely to trust me. And if you believe that my empathy is directed towards you, you are even more likely to trust me.

When all three of these things are working, we have great trust. But if any of these three gets shaky or starts to wobble, trust is threatened.

I experience the real you.

I know you can do it; your reasoning and judgement are sound.



I believe you care about me and my success.

Does your ideal team look like this?
  • Team members help one another
  • Team members feel seen, heard, and understood
  • Team members are not afraid of making mistakes or taking risks
  • Team members frequently express appreciation for others
In this journey, you will learn:
  • Create an accountable culture
  • Help others lead more authentically
  • Encourage others to take risks
  • Become more inclusive

Start Your Team Journey

1. Assessment

Before your team’s first experience, you will all take a short survey to gauge where your team is at.

2. Experiences

Your team will participate in four curated experiences in a sequence developed in collaboration with Amy Edmondson to grow your team’s psychological safety.
Curated Experiences for Your Journey
Willingness to Help
Why do teams perform better as a whole? Discover how to make your team as high-performing as Olympic athletes through vulnerability, accountability, and a shared mindset. Speedos not required.
Inclusion & Diversity

What can you gain from a card game with cute animal cards? Learn what qualities your team values in you the most in this positive and unifying card game.

Attitude Towards Failure

What do you do when you have a dream? You make it happen. Led by the first African to compete in Skeleton, your team will dive headfirst into learning how to not only set those goals – but to conquer them.

Open Conversation

How do you level up your team and unlock its highest potential? Join Stanford Professor Kathryn Segovia and play two different “games” that will help take your team from level 1 to level 99.

3. Practices

After each experience, you’ll receive weekly tips, exercises, and activities to put into practice with your team to continue building upon what you learned together.

You'll receive easy to action tips to use in your next...

  • At your next 1:1
  • At your next standup
  • At your next team meeting
  • At your next review

4. Measurements

At the conclusion of your last experience, your team will re-take the original assessment to measure your progress as it relates to building and deepening team trust.

Get Started

Ready to take your team on a journey to grow psychological safety? Take the next step to book your first experience.

We really enjoyed the experience. I liked how turnkey it was — from the supplies, to the scheduling, to the calendar reminders, etc.”

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