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Activate Employee Experience

Enterprise solution to improve team dynamics at scale
across your company – whether your teams
are hybrid, remote or in-person.

Bring action to your employee experience program.

Are you facing issues on your teams?

You measure employee
experience. You know what the
problems are. You know where
issues are acute.

Teamraderie is how you help managers take meaningful action

Create cohesive, collaborative creative teams

Your Teamraderie program helps managers do their most important job – build connections

Teamraderie Customers Say:

Managers become better Higher ratings from their teams.
Connection is improving Employees building real relationships
Employees are happy Leadership shows more compassion.

Works for all your teams

Choose enterprise quality for your team

More than just a virtual experience, Teamraderie Enterprise is complete approach to achieve and sustain strong
teams’ moral at a global scale.
  • Subscription PricingScalable discount model
    for enterprise.
  • Enterprise Security Secure platform meeting your
    compliance needs.
  • Enterprise Support Priority support dedicated
    customer support resources.
  • Custom AssetsPortals for experience scheduling
    and management.
  • Custom Experience Add experiences reinforcing
    your culture.
  • Access to Community Peers, experts from academia,
    Teamraderie speaker series etc…

Deliver business value to your organization

  • Lift in
  • Drop in
  • Increase in
    Employer NPS*
* Values of workplace belonging and connection qualified by Havard Business School.

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