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Happy hours for inclusive and connected teams

Teamraderie takes care of all the details of team events so you can focus on your team

Why a different approach to happy hour?

We meet colleagues for ‘drinks’ when we want to create connection. And connection forms when we learn about each other or share something meaningful.

Teamraderie experiences let your team enjoy happy hour while learning together and celebrating shared values. From a whiskey experience honoring the real origins of American whiskey to a cocktail experience featuring LGBTQ-founded spirits makers, Teamraderie partnered with the world’s most acclaimed alcohol, wine, and beer providers to bring your team something special. Every experience offers award-winning non-alcoholic versions of the same spirits, wine, or beer.

Whether or not you drink alcohol, you’ll find Teamraderie happy hour events to be as inclusive as they are engaging.

What is a virtual happy hour?

A virtual happy hour is an online social event for teams. Unlike happy hours at bars, virtual happy hours have no waiting and everyone has a seat. Conducted via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other video platforms, team members learn a story about their drink and have meaningful interactions. These events are also known as “remote happy hours”, “Zoom happy hours” or “online happy hours.”

Who are the spirits, wine, and beer partners we bring to your team?

Allison Parc

was France’s top ballerina until she retired and started Brenne.

Fawn Weaver

was an attorney until she started a spirits brand to honor the real story of American whiskey.

Rodney Hines

was a Starbucks and Microsoft executive before he started an inclusive brewery and taproom.

Cameron Diaz

made movies and Katherine Power made makeup before starting a ‘clean’ wine brand.

What is a Teamraderie happy hour like?


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Distilled from fermented grains, whiskey has been the subject of movies and the cause of rebellions. Why?

There is too much variety to have a single experience. Choose from four great options.






Versatile, colorless – and the world’s most popular spirit. It has powered armies and prompted poetry. Why?


Juniper berries and botanicals flavor a base spirit. It thrived largely due to an arcane British tax act. Why?




Sugar-based and varied in color, it’s the wild-west of booze – made in diverse ways to circumvent legislation. Why?


We all know tequila – but what about the other spirits made from agave? The most ancient and ecological spirit. Why?


For every experience…

Craft Bar Equipment

Receive beautiful craft bar equipment.

Learn from the Best

2020 Icon of Whiskey Award Winner


Have all logistics taken care of.


Add snacks to your order for added pleasure.

Need a ‘custom’ cocktail experience?

We celebrate the diversity of spirits – their flavor and their origins. Would you like a ‘custom’ spirit experience based on a theme that your team values?

LGBTQ Founded

Spirits Companies

Female Founded

Spirits Companies

Eco Focused

Spirits Companies

Non Traditional

Spirits Companies